General information

The SCHU-Y-I-IJ-T Foundation was established in Bunschoten on June 8, 1985 and recorded by notarial act in Alkmaar on July 2nd, 1985. It is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amersfoort under nr. S 41189122.

The name of the Foundation has been chosen so that the name can be written 3 different ways (Schuyt, Schuit and Schuijt). It was indeed spelled in these different ways within families.

In 2007, The Netherlands counted 2.525 people with one of these 3 names; 1,668 (66%) were written as Schuit, 807 (32%), as Schuijt, and 50 (2%) as Schuyt. Outside of The Netherlands there are a few hundred people with our name, mainly living in the USA. We believe there are, at the moment, almost 3,000 people with our name.

These 3.000 people are divided over 25 families, without having the same forefather or lacking the proof of it. About 100 families are extinct. Every family gets a code of 2 letters, usually in relation with the origin of the family.

The collection of information about the various families also gives us privacy related information. In order to handle this properly, we have a Privacy Protocol which has been filed at the Registration Chamber in The Hague under number P-0019774.

Where we primarily focused on the names Schuyt, Schuit and Schuijt, and Van der Schuit. For a number of years we also have collected information on all other names with the word Schuit in it (like Schuite, Schuiten, Schuitemaker, Schuitvlot, Schuiteman, Lasschuit, etc.).


The Foundation had annual meetings in different places related to family origin. The last meeting was in 2023 and we are investigating if we can continue this in the future.

The Foundation also issued a quarterly magazine titled “In Hetzelfde Schu-y-i-ij-tje” (translated: “In The Same Boat”). The last issue was December 2023. A total of 148 magazine issues are available (in Dutch only) as PDF on request. In 2024, this will be replaced by a digtital newsletter.

The intention is to publish all the different families. We already have published books with the families from Aalsmeer (Codes AR and AM), Putten (Code PU) and a Jewish family from Amsterdam (Code AJ, also available in English). Additionally, a few small families can be found on the website in PDF.


For further information you can contact our secretary Jan Schuit (

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